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Newer Trends In GMAT? Are you prepared enough to face the change…

Even though the GMAT exam has existed for a number of years as the route to entry into a top Business schools but over the years there have been some significant changes in the format and content of the test. The competition to get into top Business schools like Harvard, Stanford, New York, Yale, Kellogg, and Chicago has become increasing difficult with more international students from countries like China, Canada, India and England aspire to get an American MBA degree. The popular view among the test-takers is that GMAT has become increasingly difficult in recent years and to get into top Business schools of the country you require a GMAT score in the range of 650-700.


GMAT scores vis-à-vis personal statement & letters of recommendation
The GMAT scores have become exceedingly important as indicated by one of the studies in 2007 that revealed that the admission committees at the Ivy League schools are providing greater emphasis on GMAT scores than on applicants’ personal statements or letters of recommendation. This is because it is hard to compare, verify and rank applicants’ credentials, achievements and interests when applicants are coming from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Experts in standardized test (e.g., GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT etc.) maintain that the trend of higher difficulty and more competition is likely to continue in year 2008, 2009 and 2010 with more emphasis on top GMAT scores.


Changing Demographics
Despite high cost of MBA program, the popularity of this professional course is on rise among Americans and non-American students. For example, in America prior to year 2000, a majority of student applicants (and obliviously GMAT test takers) came from larger cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Washington. However, in recent years more and more students from medium and smaller cities (e.g., Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Orange County, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Diego, and Seattle) are taking the GMAT test and applying for MBA programs. Also the percentage of non-American students pursuing MBA from American universities has risen steeply.


Newer Learning Modules
Also GMAT test prep review companies are opening new centres across the USA. Further, a variety of GMAT courses with differing durations and formats are offering serious students more opportunities and resources to obtain higher scores in the exam. In additions newer methods of learning other than the traditional classrooms reviews courses, such as online courses, new textbooks, CDs & DVDs, Flash cards etc. are promising better learning experiences and higher scores in the GMAT exam. However, the increase in the difficulty level of the GMAT exam along with stiff competition from international students taking GMAT presents a serious challenge to American students who wish to appear for GMAT exam.


Math Section: The Achilles Heel
Most undergraduate students from U.S colleges and universities are well trained in the verbal section of the test. A majority of American test-takers are also skilled at essay writing. However, a great majority of American GMAT candidates lack the necessary skill to score well in the Math section of the GMAT test. The GMAT Math questions – both problem solving and data sufficiency seem the most difficult part of the exam. Our interactions with hundreds and thousands of GMAT candidates reveal that they found the Math sections of the test most difficult. Also everybody uses English in day to day life but for math the story is very different as many of us never did math after high school.
As one of the top scores (she scored a perfect 800 in GMAT) remarked "it is easy to relate the verbal questions given in the official guide for GMAT with our everyday experiences…but who really knows or cares about the difficult Math problems asked in the official guide".
Numerous GMAT forums and blogs discuss the reasons and remedies of low GMAT scores. The common view is that one must master the GMAT Math if one wants to score high in the exam. Also many students find learning math from books and other conventional sources quite tough, boring and consequently get frustrated in due course and ending up without much preparation resulting in poor GMAT scores.


Exploring Newer Avenues: WinGMAT online audio-visual learning module
We offer the most straightforward and simple solution to the problem: Learn powerful methods of problem solving in simple and easy-to-follow steps. Practice new methods to solve GMAT math problems with real GMAT questions to build up your confidence. Set a timeline, work smart, decide on a test date, and win the game.
The free Sample GMAT questions, the Diagnostic GMAT test and practice tests may clarify the point being made here. Without debating much on the causes and consequences of good or bad side of the GMAT test, our team of experienced instructors at WinGMAT aim to assist you in the areas where you need the most help.


Our Promise: Mentoring you to prepare better
GMAT exam preparation not only requires resources but a lot in terms of right guidance to streamline your journey to GMAT. We don’t promise you wonders and overnight results but what we promise is that we will guide you all along and make learning GMAT math easy, fast and interesting by helping you to work on areas of your weakness and honing your areas of strengths to forge your way to top Business schools with top GMAT scores.


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