(Online MBA) Online MBA Degree Programs in Marketing

Online MBA: Online MBA Degree Programs in Marketing


Marketing is a very diverse and exciting career field to be involved with. Marketing molds our perception of the products we consume and influences the every day decisions we make. If you are looking for a stimulating, every evolving and lucrative career, Marketing might just be the profession for you. However, marketing is a very competitive field and only the best survive. Our Marketing MBA Online degree programs will help you gain the skills and knowledge you will need to succeed as a Marketer or Marketing Manager in a number of different industries and positions.


Marketing MBA Career Fields:

  • Advertising & Public Relations

  • Market Research

  • Product ManagementAdvertising

  • Direct Response Marketing

  • Business-to-Business Marketing

  • Sales and Sales Management

  • International Marketing

  • Marketing Models and Systems Analysis

  • Marketing Research

  • New Product Planning

  • Retailing Management

  • Services Marketing

  • Distribution Channel Management 


An MBA in marketing is designed to equip students with advanced marketing, business management and business analysis skills. Consequently, most MBA marketing programs are demanding. While not required by all programs a background in marketing is recommended.


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