(Article) Business School Admission's Panel: Top Schools Answer Your Application Questions

Business School Admission's Panel: Top Schools Answer Your Application Questions


Guests include:

  • Alison Goggin, Director of MBA Admissions, NYU Stern School of Business

  • Victoria Hess, Assistant Director in Admissions, Columbia Business School

  • Ainsley Parker, Associate Director in the Office of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


I’m Janet Nakano with MBA Podcaster. We’re bringing you a special MBA Admissions panel discussion, co-produced with Manhattan GMAT. Recently Manhattan GMAT brought together admission’s commit members from Wharton, NYU Stern and Columbia to discuss important aspects of the application process including professional experience, recommendations, interviews and essays. For more information on this show visit us at MBAPodcaster.com.


Chris Ryan: My name is Chris Ryan; I’m the Director of Product and Instructor Development here at Manhattan GMAT. Thanks for coming out to our business school admissions panel. On my left, I’ll introduce our panelists. First we have Ainsley Parker who is Associate Director in the Office of MBA Admissions and Financial Aid at the Wharton School. Second is Alison Goggin who is Director of MBA Admissions at NYU Stern’s School of Business. And the left is Ainsley Parker who is Assistant Director of MBA Admissions at Columbia Business School. Welcome to them and welcome to you.


So first of all, what does your school look for in a potential business school candidate? I’ll turn it over to Alison.


Alison Goggin: Good evening, everyone. And welcome. Again my name is Alison, from Stern and I am delighted to see so many of you here tonight. So just in general I think the goals for all of us for this panel is to help you create the most competitive application that you can and to really walk away from tonight with some tips that you can apply immediately no matter where you are in the process, if you’re still thinking about business school, if you are putting the finishing touches on your application or if you’ve actually already submitted an application and you might be hoping for that interview in the coming weeks. That is really our goal. We’re going to keep it very conversational and light and hope that you’ll gain a lot from it.


So my question, what does your business school look for in a potential candidate, I am going to kind of broaden that to what do top business schools look for in potential candidates and even more specifically in a class. Because not only is it about your individual application but keep in mind that we’re also creating a class, we’re shaping a class. So I will allude to that at some point during my topic. So before I kind of take you through four major points, four major areas that we look for, I want to start by kind of talking about this idea of having a story and your story. And you’ve probably heard this a couple of times if you’ve already been in the MBA application process and it doesn’t go away anytime soon, in fact once you get to business school you have to then think about crafting your story for recruiters and even out of business school your story for the next job. So you can kind of think of this application process as a real kind of inward look at yourself and a kind of self discovery and exercise in writing your story that will help last a lifetime. I say that because what we look for in candidates is for you to really tell your story and that sounds very simplistic but you’d be surprised by how many times that we see candidates writing things that they think that we want to hear, not things that they are necessarily passionate about or interested in but you know they may have read on a website that may have some very helpful tips or heard from somebody else. So I want to start out by saying that you really want to think hard about what some of your proudest accomplishments have been, what your passions are, why you really want to make this step and really be honest with yourself through the process. Because a question that comes up very often is, ‘How do I make myself stand out from other candidates?’ and one of the best ways and the easiest ways is to really be yourself because each of you has your own unique story. So as I am talking through these different areas that we’re looking for just kind of keep in the back of your head........


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