(Paper) Solved Question Paper (Business) Set - 4


1. The MIT students calculated my speed to be around 1046 km/sec, bout 3000 times the speed of light. The total load weight involved in my transfer is 321000 tonnes. 214000 living organisms of the same species are involved in my transfer. I have 918 million destinations to reach in 31 hours across 24 time zones visiting 822.6 destinations per second. Who or what am I?
Ans.: Santa Claus

1. Who were the models for the campaign for safe sex initiated by Johnny condoms, the adline being ‘Appearances can be deceptive. Use Johnny condoms’.
Ans.: Prince Charles and Lady Diana

2. What instrument was originally invented as a torture device to pull out nails?
Ans.: The Screwdriver

3. Many objects in India are trademarked with the ISI stamp. What is trademarked ISI No.1?
Ans.: The National Flag

4. ‘There is no God and Mohammed is the Prophet of God’ Where would you find this inscribed?
Ans.: On the Saudi Arabian National Flag

5. 50 colonials and members of the committee of correspondence met at the home of a printer named Benjamin Edes at but 4 P.M. on Dec. 16, 1773. Later that  evening they drank from a massive punch bowl of rum concoction which Peter, Edes’ son kept filled. After that they left to do what?
Ans.: They attended the Boston Tea Party

6. A New York stock broker Bill W on a business trip to Akron met Doctor Bob in a pub on Jun 10, 1935 and discussed the horrible brawls they had in pubs. They decided they should do something sand about it. What id they do the next day?
Ans.: Founded Alcoholics Anonymous

7. A total of 321,360 persons viewed his body as it lay in state at Westminster Hall for 3 days. Crowds stood 5 to 10 hours in bitter cold to see the procession to St. Paul’s Cathedral for the first ever state funeral accorded to a commoner in 50 years. Who?
Ans.: Winston Churchill

8. On Aug 9, 1945 the US Army Air Force HQ radio station received a message from a 25 year old major in the force. It said ‘What have we done’? Who sent the message and why?
Ans.: Paul Tibbeths who bombed Hiroshima

9. The result of an experiment at MIT went - ‘Specimen X had a specific gravity of 1.00 Specimen Y had a specific gravity of 1.06. Specific gravity of XLY. Hence QED’. What did the experiment prove?
Ans.: That Blood is thicker than Water

10. The Texas theatre was featuring a B grade war movie ‘War is Hell’ starring Tony Russell. A man ducked into the theatre without paying the admission and drew attention from the staff. He was arrested for this. who?
Ans.: Lee Harvey Oswald

11. The novel begins in 1648 and tells the story of Carl Emannuel Madruzzo who is the Archbishop of Trent and Prince of Trentino and of his mistress of 20 years Claudia Particella whose father is the Archbishop’s closest friend and counsellor. The peasants and priests hate Claudia and want them banished. They feel that this would make Madruzzo a better man but Madruzzo is hell bent on marrying Claudia. Name the novel or author.?
Ans.: Mussolini - 'Cardinal's Mistress'

12. His main foe was sexual passion. He tried various methods of restraint. He devised various methods, the most used amongst them being the ‘earth treatment’. Consisting of application of clear earth moistened with cold water and spread on fine linen on the abdomen and at bedtime and removed it in the day, supposed to be a radical care. Who devised this method?
Ans.: Mahatma Gandhi

13. What was begun on 19th June, 1969 in a flat by 6 like-minded people in Bombay?
Ans.: The Shiv Sena

14. The SB company is marketing the Bengali version of Paul Robson’s ‘We are in the same boat brother’. Who has rendered this version?
Ans.: Saurav Ganguly

15. The Andhra Bank is the only bank in the country licensed to sell food products. Funda?
Ans.: It sells Tirupati Laddoos

16. What connects Calcutta, San Fransisco, tennis courts and Apache Indian?
|Ans.: Tramlines

17. How does the popular pharmaceutical brand Disprin get its name?
Ans.: Dissolvable Aspirin hence Dispirin

18. Built in 1920 by Count Zborowski on his estate near Canterbury ,England, she had a pre 1914 war chain drive, 75 horsepower, Mercedes chassis which was installed with a 6 cylinder Maybach Aero engine, same type as used in Zeppelins. She had a gray steel body with an immense polished hood 8 ft in length and weighed over 5 tons. In 1921 she won the 100 mph ghost handicap at Brooklands and again in 1922, the Lightning Ghost handicap. But in that year she met with