(News) Distance learning boosted by downturn

Distance learning boosted by downturn


These are good times for distance learning. The technology is better, applications are on the increase and even the global economic uncertainty seems to be helping the sector. Furthermore, the technique is likely to become even more popular when today’s teenagers – already familiar with multimedia delivery – move into the workplace and want an MBA. There are signs that distance learning, once merely one option among many, is becoming some students’ first choice.


The cost of a full-time MBA – little change from $100,000 – might prompt a would-be student to think again about leaving the workplace in an economic recession to study full-time. But for online delivery, such considerations do not come into play. Many schools in recent months have reported increased enquiries for distance-learning programmes.


Technological advances mean more content can now be delivered online rapidly, flexibly and most importantly – cheaply. Meanwhile the growth of online social networking has led to virtual communities of MBA students able to interact from all over the globe. [......]


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